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March 29, 2022

Tuesday Morning Moments

Good Morning ! while you're waiting for that coffee to kick in just take a  minute to really be in the moment. Try and look past all the dirty dishes in the sink or the pile of work sitting on your desk . Try and drown out the kids yelling or the dog pawing at your leg to go out or the cat giving you the stink eye. Put down your phone close the laptop and just breathe. knowing that you will never be in this moment again. This moment is a part of your story a blank page in the book of you.and whatever you choose to write on this page its all good as long as you are in it 100 percent. All that is required of you is to just show up in this moment messy hair ,baggy T shirt, morning breath and all. In this moment is where your power is,Take it move forward and own that shit!